It has already been proven that the future of the learning lies in the hands of the technology. With more and more people embracing e-learning, be it in the education department or in training employees at work, e-learning is rising in popularity.

A living proof to the reason of the success of many businesses, e-learning is taking the corporate world by storm. Every year, new technology is introduced and so the e-learning programs are updated to suit the necessities of the companies.

4 Key eLearning Trends For 2016

Well, you can hardly find a person who does not have a mobile phone. Everyone’s world revolves around mobile phones and e-learning developers are making use of just this fact.

Mobile learning or mlearning is about specifically developed training material that is suitable to be accessed on mobile devices. The training material is compatible with all kind of mobile devices.

E-learning should be prioritizing the client’s needs and thus mobile e-learning is the most comfortable way of learning at the learners own comforts. The course material will be available on multiple platforms, thus making it very easy to access.

E-learning developers know that everyone loves games. Be it playing games or watching games. Inspired by this idea, they have developed gamification learning material that makes learning a fun process.

Mind you, these are not just meant for kids. The materials are developed to suit the choices and tastes of adults. Employers are going to have a fun time when they are learning the necessary things.

This also helps the individuals to develop their skills, crisis management capabilities and zeal to work.As they learn while they play, there is more knowledge retention than you see in the traditional mode of training.

Video Based Training –

It is a proved fact that people remember what they see more than what they read. So, why not utilise visual effects to train the employees? Well, that is what the video based e-learning does.

Videos engage individuals who learn and retain knowledge in a profound way. Videos and animations are the in thing this year and every business must hire a 3d or 2d animation company to do their employee training.

Micro-Learning –

The world runs on top speed. People are impatient and do not have much time. Everything has become smaller to make things simpler.

This does not exclude the e-learning. Mini bytes of learning material will suffice the trainees and make the micro learning process a grand success.

It is just a single page documents or a 5 minutes video or small chunks of data that are enough to keep the employees updated and build their knowledge.

Nothing which needs a lot of cognitive reading is entertained and micro learning stays away from it. This trend is popular in the corporate sector.

E-learning is considered a must try in the business sectors to train their employees. With so many modern methods included in the training, the employees are surely going to learn more and be beneficial to their companies.