Telephone Services

There was a time when people used to wire themselves over a desk and landline phones to make and receive the calls. The situation was not only tiresome but also pretty expensive as landline business phone number used to cost you a fortune for a single international call.

Then the technology takes a turn and the Internet came into being. This single innovation changed the face of the world by once and all. Now, businesses can make calls from their desktop only. However, the modern era demanded further advancement of virtual phone numbers.

Then came the universal calling application of CallHippo. The world was astonished and amused by seeing its viability and mobility. Now, people can make or receive business calls from anywhere. They need not bind themselves to their desk to perform this. It has redefined the functions of call center software.

What exactly is a universal calling application of CallHippo?

The universal calling application of CallHippo is basically a mobile-based interface that allows users or agents to make and receive international calls from their mobile phones itself. They can simply download the app from Playstore or iTune store, buy an Australia virtual phone number, and turn their mobile phone into an efficient call center of respective business.

How this universal calling app will redefine your business communication?

Well, CallHippo’s universal calling app is more than just a mobile application. It is a blessing in disguise. It allows the agents to work from remote locations, reduces international calling charges, requires no high-end hardware to support, and allows a business to integrate various key platform in every operation. Here is the detailed explanation of all these.

CallHippo calling app means easy operations.

Do you love easy operations?

Whenever we talk about the businesses, we put the focus on easy operations. The easier the operations would be productive would be the team. When you are conducting your international business communication with a traditional landline phone, you need to build a wire-web in your office space. In addition, you are forced to operate from a single place. You lost your mobility as well as flexibility. Your agents can’t leave their desk for a minute.  All these things make the operations tough and tedious.

However, switching to CallHippo’s universal calling app from the traditional telephony system makes the operations a cake walk. Within three minutes, you can download the app and start the operations. No mess. No hassles.

As agents can turn their mobile phones into mini call center software, they can easily work from remote locations as well. There is no need to weave a wire-web to make or receive a call. When they are around the clock available, odds are bleak that they will miss a single call.

It saves a lot of time

Are you fed-up of dialing the same number again and again?

Well, you would be for sure if you are using your old-school telephone system.  You have to dial each number again and again every time you initiate communication with the same person. It is pretty annoying. Isn’t?

If you are using CallHippo’s calling application then you can have a big relief from this tedious job.  You can simply get a number from your dialer list or recent call list and make a call. You need not to dial it again and again.

Even you can put your frequently contacted numbers in the favoritire list and get them instantly. This not only saves a huge chunk of time during operations but also remove the boredom from regular work.

It saves greatly on up-front call cost.

What an international call costs you from a landline?

Well, a lot. You must be paying a fixed a monthly bill just for having a dumb and wire-bound landline phone. As far as calling cost is concerned, they vary from country to country. Not to forget, you pay for silences as well.

Using CallHippo’s calling app is an intelligent move to save a lot on your up-front calling cost. As your app would be making calls through Wi-FI or mobile data 4G connection, it will cost you as low as $0.02.  That makes a huge difference in your monthly bills.

It makes you master of all trades

Customer these days are not expecting businesses to answer their calls and listen to them. They want more deeply involved and multi-facet communication. They contact you through emails, Voicemails, and SMS. They want you to update them regarding their concern via the same different electronic ways as well. Doing all this is like a nightmare with traditional landline phones.  Universal calling app and a virtual phone number are the only tools to achieve this.

Even within the organization as well, a business needs to have multi-level communication. You need to arrange meetings, forward a call to another agent, and record a meeting for future reference.  CallHippo’s universal calling app helps you to do this with ease. No matter where the meeting is taking place, an agent can be a part of it while sitting in his/her balcony.

What else businesses want?

The world is progressing by each passing day. If you want to see your business touching the new pinnacles then having a robust universal calling app of CallHippo is the first and foremost thing to do. Get it in three minutes and climb the success ladder.