healthy teeth tips

There are many ways to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Everyday brushing is not enough.

It seems that taking care of your oral cavity and going to the density regularly is enough to have strong and healthy teeth. You couldn’t be further from the truth. A diet also influences the condition of your teeth. Food products can be divided into these which have a positive impact on your teeth and those which harm them. Let’s check what you should eat to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Influence of fruits on teeth

It is a common knowledge that fruits contain many valuable nutrients, e.g. vitamin C. Nevertheless not all of them help you keep your teeth healthy. Fruits contain sugar which attracts bacteria and fosters emergence of tooth decay. A lot of sugar is included in grapes and sweet cherries, as well as citruses which are also rich in unfavorable acids. It does not mean however that you have to forget about these fruits. Try to be reasonable and remember that sugar and acids affect your teeth. The same applies to fruits with small stones which may damage gums and stick between teeth.

Apples – healthiest for teeth

Apples are best for your teeth. They contain little sugar, are rich in valuable nutrients and cleanse your oral cavity naturally. When eating an apple, your oral cavity produces more saliva, rinses food remains stuck between teeth and other hard-to-access spots. Saliva also serves as protection against negative impact of acids.

How to eat other fruits?

As we have already mentioned, you should eat all fruits, but in moderation. At this point we should also mention other important tip. Acid-rich and sugar-rich fruits should not be portioned but eaten as a whole, at a time. Thanks to this, you can reduce the tooth decay risk. After you have eaten fruits, you must wait at least half an hour before you wash your teeth. It is advisable to  drink fruit juices and other sweet drinks through a straw. Remember to buy a dental floss which can help you remove food remains stuck between teeth effectively.

What else apart from fruits?

Aside from fruits, especially apples, it is essential that you eat fish which has a substantial impact on health of your teeth, as well as vegetables which remove deposits from your dental plaque and secure it against decay, e.g. turnip cabbage, carrot, radish or celery. Biting hard vegetables helps your gums as well.

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