Creative Ideas for Designing Your Home with Battery Powered Lanterns

For many homeowners, battery powered lanterns are one of the most versatile decor accessories. You can use them to design your home both outside and inside. The best part is that lanterns come in a wide range of styles, so it is easy to find a lantern style that complements your home’s architecture, whether a farmhouse, a classic, or a modern house.

Whether you intend to introduce a rustic note to cozy up your backyard or add a sophisticated look to your office space, lanterns can help you introduce the flair you have been searching for. Here are some inspiring ways to use lanterns when designing your interiors or exteriors.

Line lanterns along with the steps or a staircase

One of the best ways to design your interiors or exteriors with lanterns is to line them along the steps of the entryway or staircase to create an inviting look. You can even create an eclectic look with an assortment of battery-powered lanterns of different shapes, sizes, and colors. But if you don’t like it that way, using the same style of lanterns also works perfectly. This is an excellent way to decorate your entryway or front porch.

Decorate your living room

A good way to achieve some ambiance in your living room is to introduce a battery powered lantern on your empty coffee table. Other than the coffee table, you can also place a pair of lanterns on your console table with a lantern on both ends, especially the tall skinny ones. Another way to design your living room with lanterns is to hang them in groups on the walls as art. Also, you can place them on your fireplace mantel to bring out a sophisticated look for your interiors.

Hang lanterns over an outdoor table

Another way to decorate your home with lanterns is to hang a couple of them over a table in your backyard or a casual outdoor dining area. This is not limited to outdoor spaces only. You can also hang the lanterns over your dining table indoors for that classic look. The best thing about decorating with lanterns outdoors is that the set looks beautiful, especially at night. It provides the perfect setting for romantic dinners or hosting friends for game nights. You can even use a camping lantern to provide more illumination on your outdoor sitting area during the night.

Decorate your fireplace

For a simple arrangement, place two lanterns on the hearth of your enclosed fireplace. When it is Christmas time, you can fill the lanterns with a collection of colorful Christmas balls to welcome guests. If you have a rough-looking lantern and don’t know what to do with it, you can use white candles to soften it and decorate it with some flowers.

Suspend them on the walls

Another way to design your interiors or exteriors with battery power lanterns is to suspend them on the walls on hooks fastened to wall brackets. Ensure the hooks are simple but sturdy. You can also add a simple votive candle to each lantern to enhance its look.

the takeaway

Ensure that the lanterns you choose are stylish and compliment the rest of your decor.