Converting Music with the Help of Movavi Video Converter

Over the years MP3 has become almost synonymous with digital music, to the point that many people overlook the fact that there are numerous other audio formats out there. From time to time you may come across some of these other formats however and may want to convert them to MP3 so that you can play them on your other devices.

One of the easiest ways to convert music between any formats (including MP3) is with the help of Movavi Video Converter. Despite its name, this software can actually convert all types of media files, including videos, audio files and images.

If you want to use Movavi Video Converter as an MP3 music converter, the first thing you should do is add the audio file that you want to convert. After you launch the software click on the ‘Add Media’ button then click ‘Add Audio’ and select the audio file to add it.

The next step is to choose an audio format (in this case MP3). In the lower section of Movavi Video Converter’s interface, you should click on the ‘Audio’ tab, then select the ‘MP3’ category and choose one of the MP3 presets listed there. Depending on your preference you can use the original bitrate, choose one of the preset bitrates that are listed, or set an entirely custom bitrate of your choice.

Once you’ve selected the format, you can click ‘Convert’ to start converting the audio file to MP3. Keep in mind that if you want you could just as easily choose any other format to convert it to, and the same rough steps apply if you want to use Movavi Video Converter to convert videos or images as well.

Additionally, there are some other features in Movavi Video Converter that you may want to try out. The features that are available will let you create animated GIFs, grab screenshots, improve the quality of videos, cut and join video segments, extract audio tracks from videos, insert captions, and much more.

Simply put Movavi Video Converter will make it a piece of cake to convert your music into precisely the format you require – be it MP3 or something else entirely. On top of that it will also allow you to do the same with your other media files, and let you prepare them in a variety of other ways if you require.