Commercial Property

Any property that produces an income is a commercial property. Retail stores, an apartment complex, law offices or workshops are a handful of examples of a commercial property. If you are looking for a commercial property Greenpoint, we will help you find what you are looking for be it land, office space or a warehouse. Whatever your purpose is, we will help you find a commercial property of any size that you want and for a period of time that is suited to you. When you lease with us, we don’t require any financial statements or personal guarantees from you.

Why us?

If you are looking for a commercial property there are various options that are available. When you choose us, we make sure that we provide outstanding services to you. We will help you find a place that meets your needs. If you are looking to either add or reduce the space to your current space, we shall do so simply by downsizing or expanding. To make your commercial property experience with us smooth, we have onsite management and maintenance staff who would readily assist you. If there is snow to be removed, property to be cleaned up, maintenance work or site preparation cleaning, we will do it for you.

The location of the commercial property is of utmost importance. Any place which is easily accessible would help you to generate income with ease. We offer you the perfect site locations in the Tri-state Area. These locations will perfectly fit your warehouse, office or parking space requirements. Not only that, there is a wide variety of rental options you could choose from. Be it a warehouse, land, yard, manufacturing, creative or office suites, we will help you find the place that you have envisioned.

What are the different kinds of commercial properties that we offer?

  1. Office Suites: If you are looking for office space, we can help you to find one which best suited for your needs. Our office spaces range from 500 to 5,000 sq.ft. Some of them are also fully furnished. All the offices are ready for use. Be it an executive office or a dispatch office for trucking operations, our office spaces will serve every kind of business needs.
  2. Warehouses and shops: If you are looking for a space for manufacturing, distribution, storage or workshop purposes, our warehouses are just what you are looking for. The space ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 sq. ft.
  3. Outdoor Spaces: Looking to park vehicles or stationary equipment? We provide outdoor space that can be used. With over 100 acres of parking space that accommodate many well-known companies, we will help you manage the space with great ease.
  4. Garages: The garage space available ranges from 500 to 5,000 sq. ft. are mostly used for vehicle and equipment repairs. They are also known as maintenance garages.