Coin Billionaire AR

There has been a rush of AR style games over the last year or two, but “Coin Billionaire AR”, developed and published by RiseAngle, is a cut above the rest. It mixes together many different game styles with AR elements and the result is a super addictive augmented reality game that you can play on your iPhone right now

Rich….. Uncle Scrooge Rich!

The main goal of Coin Billionaire AR is to get rich, not just chump change like really filthy rich, so rich that Uncle Scrooge McDuck will be asking you to borrow some money. The way you do this is by planting coins, watching them flourish and then collecting them. The more you do this the more money you will make and then the more XP you will get. There is some fantastic progression in this game, progression that makes this game one that is very addictive and it actually feels like it has more of a point that the majority of other AR games that are clogging up the App Store right now

More Strategy Than You Would Expect

One of the things that is really surprising about Coin Billionaire AR is just how strategic it is. You do not normally get this level of strategy with a game of this style. It all starts with selecting the kind of coins that you want to plant. The more you play the more special coins you will earn that you can then plant.

The game starts by you using your iPhone to find a flat area, once you do this you have your growing area. Now you have a grid to play with you can select where you want your coins to grow and this is actually very important as there is an army of dangerous things that want you coins, most notably these explosive bugs!

Explosive bugs? Yes, that is right! Do not worry though as these bugs and the other dangers that are going to try and stop you from getting rich can be killed. You do this by using your arsenal of weaponry to keep them at bay. You get things like a cannon and this is great, but you will get more items that you can use to defend your coins. Which you will need as the more money you can make, the more dangerous hazards will come out of the woodwork to try and stop you from making millions

AR + Strategy + Tower Defense = Fun

The fact that there is some combat also in Coin Billionaire AR means that this is more action packed than most other games in the genre. Interestingly enough though the way the game handles its combat is very similar to tower defense style games. You will have to be very smart with where you place your defenses to give you the best chance of fighting off anything that decides it wants to take your coins or even worse, blow them up

Gotta Go Fast

No, I am not talking about Sonic The Hedgehog here, but your reflexes. One of the most surprising things about Coin Billionaire AR is that it is so fast paced. You may have thought that as the game uses strategy and has tower defense elements that it would be slow paced. That is not the case though as this is one very quick paced game. It is very interesting the way that they have done this. A game can last just a few minutes which is great. It means that this is the kind of game that is perfect for a quick session during your lunch break at work or during the commercials while you are watching your favorite TV show.

Coin Billionaire AR is free to play and it really is a wonderful game and a real showcase for how good AR games can be. This one here handles things very different in that it actually offers quite a bit of gameplay and as a result, it is one of the more fun AR games I have played. While the game is designed around you having a quick five minute session here and there. The truth is that Coin Billionaire AR is so much fun that you will find yourself deciding to have just one more game time and time again.