Choosing Pillows To Promote Cleanliness And Comfort

Hotels have to leave a perfect impression when customers visit their rooms for the very first time. From beddings to how comfortable the pillows are and the view offered by the respective room, all details matter. Business owners in the hospitality industry should do their best to promote cleanliness and comfort. The first element that customers get to judge refers to pillows.

Given the fact that the main purpose of a hotel is to spend the night and have a good sleep, the quality of the pillows in a hotel is an aspect you have to pay attention to. This article is supposed to give you some tips on how you should choose pillows to promote the idea of comfort and leave a good impression to your customers. Keep an eye on these tips and focus on the reasons why you should make this investment. Your hotel will surely be perceived the way you expect.

Resting the head correctly – Pillow Filling

First of all, for making sure that your customers will get a good sleep, is important to choose pillows that ensure a correct position for head resting. This is influenced by the type of pillow filling. Since you buy these pillows for a hotel, it is required to choose a filling that’s resistant in time, regardless of the usage level. To achieve the long-lasting effect, you want to opt for a high fill power. Consider the fact that feathers can produce allergies and you will have all sorts of clients with different needs and preferences. Choose a filling that’s appropriate for any case, with a hypoallergenic filling that prevents allergic reactions. Memory foam is the most expensive and most qualitative filling for pillows. The only downside is that is not as time resistant as the other types of fillings. If you can afford the investment, don’t hesitate.

The appropriate size

This factor depends on the size of the beds inside your hotel. For one-person beds, you might want to choose a bigger pillow. Pillows should correspond to the mattresses’ size. In order to please every client that comes and goes, invest into medium-sized pillows. Always buy double the quantity of pillows you need, so you can put two additional pillows inside the closet for customers who want extra support. This is a common feature offered in hotels. Plus, it will be easier to replace pillows that show signs of usage if you already possess backup ones.

Special needs and softness

Since you are going to buy pillows for your hotel, think about how often you will need to clean them. Because of this, you want to buy pillows which offer both resistance and comfort for a reasonable price. Choose pillows that can respect the general needs of any client. The filling stuffiness is the one factor that affects the softness and the resistance of the pillows. Invest in pillows that are specially tailored for the hospitality industry. This way, you won’t be required to make additional investments and all customers will be pleased with the services offered.