It’s no secret that many people invest significant amounts of money in not only purchasing an RV, but also in the accessories fitted to their pride and joy. So, it may surprise you to hear that not everyone takes great care of their RV the way they should. In fact, research tell us that people typically cut corners when it comes to servicing and maintenance of their RV, often going for a cheap deal or delaying the work well beyond the pre-determined service intervals.

Like all mechanical equipment, having a poor focus on maintaining equipment dramatically increases the chances of failure, meaning that breakdowns are more likely to occur when you are touring or when you least expect it.It is a good idea to have your RV fully checked over or serviced at least one month before your departure date. This will ensure that you RV is up to tackling the road conditions on your holidays. Pre-planning this service also provides you withenough time for any parts that require replacing to be ordered and fitted.

So now you can see the value in having someone regularly inspect your RV, how do you choose who that should be?We can all agree that there is no point in having an RV repair or service performed by a business who has a low skill level, poor reputation and that can’t access to best parts readily.The internet has made research a lot easier for you because you can research and filter through RV servicing businesses in the comfort of your own home or workplace. It is best to narrow-down your search to a few local companies that you can then visit or callto chat about your needs.So, what is the best way ofdoing that? We have a few tips to help you:

Access to a range of quality parts quickly

To enable a fast and efficient RV service or repair you want to ensure that your short-listed RV service centre has access to a range of parts and accessories, both genuine and non-genuine. That way you will have an option to slightly reduce maintenance costsby using non-genuine parts where they the highest quality is not necessarily going to make a significant difference to the longevity of the workmanship. Ofcourse, you can always insist that genuine parts are used on your RV, but it is nice to have the option. A reputable RV service centrewill have access to a network of part suppliers, meaning that most parts will arrive within 48 hours, which is important if you have a last-minute repair or service request.

Authorised RV Service Centre

A common question to ask an RV service centreis about their accreditations, and if they are a preferred service centre for your brand of RV. The staff at an authorized RV service centre will have undergone brand specific training, as well as being certified as competent.They are bound by the Brand’s service guidelinesand must adhere to high levels of customer service, otherwise they are at risk of having their certification revoked. Good RV service centres take this certification very seriously and invest a lot of their time and own money into being a preferred repairer.

Reasonably Priced RV Service Centres

Unless you are mega rich, RV service and repair costs matter to most of us. The saying “you get what you pay for” is never truer when it comes to work being done on your RV. The RV itself already has a decent price tag, sothe last thingyou want to do is devalue the retail price by allowing a substandard repair or jeopardize the mechanical integritywith a poor-quality service. However,price should never be the main driving factor, either cheap or expensive, it should merely be a consideration.

What is more important is confidence in the RV service centrethat they have the knowledge, skills, professionalism and integrity that you expect.Additionally, just because a repair or service is expensive, doesn’t automatically make it good. Likewise, with cheaper deals, you might be surprised to find that an RV service centre has a great connection to cheaper parts and has honed their processes to ensure that they are as efficient as possible, without sacrificing quality.

The take home message here is that is you need to take your time when choosing the best local RV service centre that suits your needs. While it is tempting to just call the first 5 companies at the top of a Google search, they may not be able to meet your expectations or provide high quality workmanship.Be sure to shortlist carefully and always speak to the RV service centre staff prior to make a booking with them.

Happy touring and enjoy your holidays!