Car Insurance for New Drivers

It feels like nothing can sober that feeling of passing your driver’s test. The hard work has paid off, and freedom is now attainable. However, despite all the celebrating and potential partying, the novelty of the situation will wear off and you’ll eventually be just another responsible road user. One thing you need to be said responsible road user; car insurance!

Consequently, here’s a few quick-fire tips for acquiring car insurance as a new driver.

The Law

It’s unlikely this has escaped your notice, but it’s worth stating all the same; insurance is compulsory by law. Many people can falsely perceive insurance to be optional, a little boost in our day-to-day lives that grants a bit of extra security. While this is true for some models, this doesn’t apply to you as a new driver.

You must have motor insurance in order to be eligible to drive on the roads, and not to acquire it can yield strong legal pushback. Moreover, you can’t insure the vehicle alone and think this is enough; you yourself have to be insured to drive whatever vehicle you are driving. To drive without this insurance means you can be fined, penalised and banned from driving.

Time and Research

It cannot be overstated that the process of choosing any additional insurance requires clear, detailed thought. You can’t point at the first insurance offer you see and hop aboard with it. If you do, you can be locked into riding a disaster all the way to the finish line and have nothing to show for it but a wonkier bank account. Quality judgment is required, and nothing less.

After all, it’s no secret that newer and younger drivers often get ripped off, so if this is you then you really need to shop around to lessen the brunt of this as much as possible. You’d be surprised at how many so called ‘insurance companies’ are just thieves in disguise and are quite happy to make you miserable for the sake of overpriced insurance. Time, careful thought and patience are key!

GAP Insurance

If you’re a new driver, then buying your first car can be a daunting task. Even some of the worst cars on offer come with two or three zeroes on the end of their pricing, making them far from cheap. Additionally, if you’re younger, then the question of affording a car becomes even more complicated; whether it’s just to buy or cover yourself for accidents.

This is where GAP Insurance can come in, helping you cover the cost of your car and any damages it sustains along the way. As cars lose their value extremely fast by the second you put your key in the ignition, this kind of offer helps you feel a little less short-changed and more like you’re making an affordable investment. All in all, you couldn’t be in better hands!