Brilliant Ways to Make Your Partner Smile

We all know the saying that a happy wife leads to a happy life. As relationships go, it’s important to keep both parties happy to lessen the chance of marital strife. Both husband and wife need to make an effort to keep their partners satisfied. It can be challenging at times, but if you want your marriage to last, you need to make the sacrifice.

There are several ways to keep your wife happy. Remember, it’s not always the grand gestures that matter — though in some ways, it does, especially when occasions call for it — but it’s usually the little things that matter most.

If you want to keep your wife smiling, here are a few things to consider.

Know what she wants

As her partner, you need to know what your wife likes. Does she like breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates? Does she like a particular actor or actress? What’s her favourite show or what music does she listen to? Once you know this, little gestures will mean the world to her if you pay attention and surprise her for no reason at all. Keep her on her toes and be as spontaneous as possible.

Give her a hug

Surprise your wife with hugs. This will make her feel that you’re always present for her. A good embrace will help release hormones that will make her feel calm. Doing this spontaneously will not only surprise her, but will make her feel loved and wanted.

Do some household chores

If you’re serious about getting your partner to smile and be happy, one of the best ways is by doing some house chores. Straighten the bed, take out the trash, vacuum the floor or clean the walk in shower enclosureDoing these things will not only make her happy because you helped her, but it will show that you took some time off from your busy day to pay attention to her needs. Remember, a partner who knows their way around the house makes their wife’s day brighter.

Take her out to dinner

One of the best ways to show that you love your wife is to take her out to dinner. She will appreciate it as she won’t need to cook dinner for the night, and she’ll also have the chance to dress up. Such an act may seem simple, but it will enhance your relationship significantly.

Cook for her

Another way to surprise your wife is to cook for her. Impress her with your skills in the kitchen as you whip up a meal that will not only satisfy her hunger pangs, but will also show her you know what she likes. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy homemade dinner. You can simply prepare snacks for her while the two of you watch her favourite show.


There are several ways to make your partner happy in your relationship. You need to fully understand what your partner likes and wants if you wish to pull off seemingly random acts that make her feel that she’s appreciated and loved.