Bowling Games in Brisbane

Most people in Brisbane are busy during the day with work, or household chores, so they have time for entertainment activities only during the evening or night. Usually there are few outdoor entertainment options in the evening, so most people in Brisbane prefer to visit an integrated entertainment facility having multiple entertainment options. In addition to Brisbane bowling, the family or group celebrating can also indulge in other popular entertainment options like laser tag, playtime arcade games, virtual reality games and karaoke singing.


The top entertainment centers in Brisbane use some of the best technology for their bowling lanes. There are usually more than ten bowling lanes at the larger facilities, so that different groups can bowl in the lane which they have booked. Each player will be given a ball and will have to knock down the ten pins in the bowling lane. While a few players will bowl a ‘lucky strike’ and knock down all the ten pins, in most cases, only a few pins will be knocked down. While earlier the attendant at the bowling lane would pick up the pins which have fallen down, to set them up, the task is largely automated at present, since the entertainment centers are using the latest bowling machines. The ball separated from the pins, and returned to the bowling lane. The pins will be sent back to their original location using a conveyor belt, so that the next player can try his luck. To make it safer for the technicians at the bowling lanes, now the companies are preferring to use string pins. The machinery used is less heavy for the new bowling technology using string pins, and detangling technology is used so that the strings of the different pins do not get entangled after they are hit by the ball.


Bowling remains one of the most popular entertainment options for all kinds of parties ranging from children’s and adults birthday parties, hens parties, stag parties to anniversary parties. Additionally companies are also holding team building events and other office parties at the entertainment complex booking the bowling lanes. The rates will be lower during off-peak hours usually till 4 pm daily , during weekdays from Monday to Friday. The cost for each event will reduce if the group or team will book multiple events like arcade or laser tag at the same facility. Gift cards can also be used for booking one or more games.


While younger people prefer playing laser tag which involves running around and other physical activities, bowling remains popular, since people of all ages can play the game. A game of bowling, only involves taking aim at the pins and throwing the ball, it is not very physically strenuous and not tiring. So the game is ideal for those who get tired easily, or wish to conserve their energy for other work. The game is ideal for those who wish to socialize while playing the game, since it is played at a leisurely pace. After each game, the technicians will take some time to set up the bowling pins and this time can be used for eating and chatting.