It’s the New Year coming up, which means another opportunity for a new you. While New Year’s resolutions vary widely from person to person, there is one resolution that comes up consistently: get in shape. Perhaps it’s because of all the Christmas carbs, or perhaps it’s because you see a new year as a transformative time, but there’s just something about turning your calendar over to January 1st that makes you want to get fit.

But the data is in, and it doesn’t look good; over 2/3’s of people polled by (one of Australia’s biggest comparison sites) said that they failed their New Year’s resolution. That’s an overwhelming majority of people, and one can assume that, for many of them, it was a fitness-related goal that went unmet. So what gives? Were they just too optimistic, or is the problem perhaps the way in which they were trying to get fit?

Let’s face it: the gym is a slog. It’s a dreary, often boring experience that takes place in a stuffy (frankly smelly) place that’s often difficult to get to. It is not the ideal vehicle for keeping up a fitness resolution. If you are serious about upholding a fitness goal, you need a method of exercise that is engaging, fun, and right in your own backyard. You need a trampoline.

Trampolines have experienced a recent surge in popularity, especially among fitness gurus, as a surprisingly effective way of getting in shape. Reportedly, trampolines are good not just for fat burning, but also for lymphatic flow, bone density, oxygen circulation and a multitude of other things. And while some people still go to the gym to get their trampoline fix, you don’t need to – there’s no reason you can’t get the same workout in your backyard.

Start by choosing a trampoline. When looking to get an outdoor trampoline you want to focus on two basic criteria: safety and durability. A safe trampoline will come with a flexible netting around it to keep you from falling off, as well as composite rods instead of springs. A durable trampoline will have a rust-protected frame, as well as a mat and net designed to withstand those punishing UV rays. If you’re using your trampoline to get in – and stay in – shape, then you want to know that it’s both safe and long-lasting.

With your trampoline ready to go, check out this trampoline workout, designed for the backyard bouncer. In the video, you will learn how to craft a workout routine by doing stars, pikes, tucks and oblique tucks. With a few different types of bounces learned, you’ll be able to put together a well-rounded, effective, and mercifully easy workout, without ever having to leave the house, and without having to hand over money to a gym each month.

This New Year’s resolution to get in shape is going to stick. If you make your exercise easy and accessible, as with a backyard trampoline, 2019 really will be the year you get fit.