Best Place to Learn Playing Golf

Golf is an interesting sport, and one that is enjoyed by people of all ages the world over. The golf course has become known as a place to exercise, socialize, and even broker business deals. But there’s a lot more to this sport than simply hitting the ball with your club. There are techniques and tricks needed to truly master the sport. If you want to take your golf game to the next level, Bird Golf Academy offers the best one to one professional instruction around.

About the Golf School

Bird Golf endeavors to create an ultimate golf learning experience. The school combines unique concepts that are taken from lifetimes of research, teaching, and observation to create a one of a kind atmosphere in which to improve your game. Unlike the other golf schools, Bird Golf Academy provides one-to-one instruction that allows each student to receive focused and individualized feedback. No two golfers are the same, and everyone will achieve the best results when their instructor can focus on them specifically.

Bird Golf lessons begin with an interview about each student’s golfing history and their personal goals for their golf game. This is to make sure that each instructor is familiar with their assigned student’s individual needs and capability. In this way, the instructors can provide the pupils with personalized instruction tailored specifically to their strengths and weaknesses. When you work with a Bird Golf instructor, your lessons will be uniquely focused on improving your game.

Bird Golf Academy lays the groundwork for success by teaching fundamentals of the sport which many students have never learned. The school also encourages the students to build a long-term relationship with their golf professional to improve their playing. Technological tools such as video analysis and digital photography enable the coaches to show the students the smallest details of their swing and correct them if they are going wrong.

At the end of a class, Bird Golf instructors provide take-home practice plans to allow their students to master their golf techniques outside the school.

Comprehensive Packaging

Students at Bird Golf Academy study and play on professionally designed golf courses and stay in first rate accommodations, allowing them an all-encompassing experience. Each of the packages offered consists of daily on-course playing lessons, digital and video analysis, course management instructions, mental game instructions, lunch each day, unlimited play and practice at the host course, and unlimited follow-up coaching after the completion of the class.

What Makes Bird Golf the Best School in the World?

There are many reasons Bird Golf Academy is considered the best place to master technique and improve your game:

#1. The Best Instructors

The instructors at Bird Golf Academy are PGA and LPGA professionals with years of experience in and mastery of the sport. Bird Golf’s world class team of instructors includes Tour Winners and many award winning professionals. Every instructor on Bird Golf’s staff has been a PGA or LPGA professional for at least 20 years. With this level of expertise at your side you are sure to see intelligent instruction and focused critiques that will provide substantial improvement.

#2. Individualized Instruction

Bird Golf Academy keeps you as the center of attention during your stay, which means you receive quality instruction that you just can’t find anywhere else. Lessons will be customized specifically for you, to help you achieve your goals in the sport. The academy works with students at every level to help them improve their game. Students receive coaching for about 6 to 8 hours a day.

#3. Unlimited Follow Up

Bird Golf Academy provides unlimited remote follow-up after the end of the class. The school believes that continued practice and coaching is key to making a significant improvement in golf playing. Your stay at a Bird Golf resort will open the door to a lifetime of improved, enjoyable golf playing.

Plan your golf getaway today. You’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations just like the ones you can find in the best hotels and resorts, ensuring that your trip is more than a chance to improve your game—it’s a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Escape your daily routine while improving your swing techniques when you sign up for a Bird Golf Academy instruction package. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.