Wordpress SEO Techniques

Every business mind wants as many eyes as possible on their work, from publications to articles to advertisements on what they do or information about the services they offer. While there are many ways to increase traffic on your website, the easiest and most efficient method still remains the use of search engine optimization (SEO).

Website SEO gives easy access to the target audience, as well as creates backlinks that people can always return to when in search of old articles or information related to your work. The secret is to make your web pages rank higher in search engine results and visible to the target viewers.

Simple guidelines for improving your SEO

Below are a few tips to help you boost your WordPress SEO.

  • Introduction:  This is essential for the target reader to understand what you do, the type of articles you write, and why they should read your work and return for more. This has to be as brief and detailed as possible, as you do not want to bore your reader or have him skip important facts about your page.
  • The use of keywords: This is an excellent strategy to employ. In choosing the right keywords, it’s currently best to use words that are less competitive and more driven, as these tend to capture the reader’s attention. In doing this, there must be a focus and a message you want to pass across to the reader. Keywords can also be selected with the user’s intent in mind. This may be navigational, informational, transactional, or commercial.
  • Capture your audience: You need to figure out what has not been working for you and change your advertisement approach to reel in a bigger audience. A reader always wants to know that the writer or blogger is great at what they do. Only then will the reader be attracted enough to stay on your page and come back searching for more answers. This you can do by utilizing technical terms to explain your work, and at the same being simple enough not to confuse them by being ambiguous with your statements. This brings back even the audience you have lost in the past.
  • Optimize your site speed:  Slow sites could be frustrating, and readers could quickly lose patience and search for a faster site to work with and gain the information which they seek. Great content is of little or no use if the site cannot be accessed when needed. Hence, in line with the mobile-first index plan which Google now operates, you should create a mobile version of your site. The high ranking sites on this index are those that load very fast.
  • Use of backlinks: A backlink is a link created when one website links to another because they have similar interests and tend to signify a vote of confidence in the other site. Backlinks are a significant element that can be used to improve site ranking. Your SEO plan must include sharing content on social media, which is the fastest way to secure backlinks. You could also ask other bloggers or SEO Experts or sites with a similar focus to yours to share your links on their platforms while you also do the same .
  • Addition of search phrases to text titles: This is similar to the use of backlinks. Here, the phrases added to the content titles are gotten from questions frequently asked by readers, and the article should generally answer the raised questions or give more information to the audience. In cases where image titles are to be used, they must be well explained and labeled.
  • Keep improving: Be sure to get feedback from the audience, respond politely to their complaints and comments, as well as take note of lapses on your site, and improve on them.

The approach to SEO keeps changing as search engines regularly update their algorithms, so for effective optimization, these updates must be noted and acted on immediately.