proper trailers

Your company can flourish if it is using the proper trailers. You can buy large trailers that are hauled by massive trucks, or you can buy small trailers that will be hitched to a pickup. Read more below as you start shopping for the trailers your company needs. Do not buy the first trailer you see. You will be rewarded when you compare many trailers that might serve your company well.

The Dump/Tipper Trailer

Trailers in Jacksonville FL should be chosen based on what your company does every day. A dump or tipper trailer can be used when you deliver soil, dirt, stones, gravel, or fertilizer. You can use these trailers if you run a junk removal company. Plus, you can dump the trailer carefully using the mechanism on the side of the trailer.

The Flatbed

You may use a flatbed if you have hauling vehicles, machinery, or large items like tires. The flatbed may tip back so that you can drag a vehicle onboard, or the flatbed may be stationary.

There are flatbeds that come with their own forklift. A flatbed with a forklift can be used for deliveries and pickups. Plus, these flatbeds are not any harder to drive.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are extremely helpful if you have issues with clearance under bridges and overpasses. Hauling tall items can be difficult if you use a traditional flatbed, and a lowboy will ride close to the road while providing a stable platform. Lowboy trailers have a sturdy hitch, and they have a ramp that makes it easy to drive any vehicle on the platform.

Dry Trailers

The typical dry trailer is enclosed and meant for basic shipments. You can get a trailer that is easy to load, easy to hitch, and easy to lock. These trailers can be attached to any large truck, and they can be painted with your company logo. Plus, you can retrofit the interior of the trailer to suit your needs.

Refrigerated Trailers

You can buy an enclosed trailer that will refrigerate all the items inside. You can freeze everything that needs to remain frozen before it arrives at its destination. You should choose the trailer that has the best cooling unit for your purposes. Plus, you can get a short or long version of these trailers.

Closed Trailers

Closed trailers are small trailers that may be used by landscapers, scout troops, or even marching bands. These trailers have a traditional door and locking system, but they are far smaller than a regular dry van trailer. Buying one of these trailers will save you quite a lot of money, and they can be hitched to a pickup truck instead of a large rig.

Open Trailers

A simple open trailer is designed to be hauled by a pickup truck or car, and it can carry things like landscaping equipment. These trailers could be used to transport your motorcycle, or you might use the trailer to carry jet skis or recreational vehicles on your next vacation. Most of these trailers have a small ramp that allows you to drive the vehicle onboard, and they are so light that they can be hitched by just one person.


You can buy a number of trailers for your company or family that will give you precisely what you need. You must decide what the trailer needs to do, search for the trailer that offers you the best price, and you must get a trailer that will work in every situation you are confronted with. Some companies need just one type of trailer to manage their routes every day, but other companies must buy many different trailers to be successful.