Autumn Style Wigs

Weary of your waves? Fed up of your fringe? Bored of your bob? Fancy a change from your long blonde locks or had enough of your brunette pixie cut? Nowadays there’s no need to get scissor happy or go mad with the hair dye. A perm is no longer permanent and you don’t need to wake up regretting letting your hairdresser persuade you that lilac will suit your skin tone.

If you want to change your look you can simply slip on one of the many stylish wigs on the market. Go for an authentic looking hairpiece and you can immediately update your look without drastically altering your real hair. Wigs allow you to try out new styles without the commitment, you can play around with colours, try out different lengths, and see how you look with that choppy fringe.

Autumn could be the perfect time to showcase a new look, a brand-new season looms and brings with it darker skies, cooler weather and a host of rich and vibrant colours. Kick the golden leaves, wrap up in a woollen jacket and treat yourself to a new wig for Autumn – Let’s check out a few of the best new styles for 2018.

The Angular Bob

Bob may well be your uncle but a bob can also be a great new look for those who want to make a statement with their hair. No longer just a heavy style, typically cut in a straight line at jaw level – the bob now comes in many guises. Autumn 2018 sees a step toward the retro look, a nod to the angular bob that features hair cut slightly shorter at the back than at the front. Go for a length that makes it easy for you to wear your “do” up or down and you can then ring the changes any time you like.

The Curly Bob

Not fancy going so straight or blunt? How about a curly bob? Less structured and sleek, the curly or wavy bob will give you a sort of look that says I just got out of bed and really can’t be bothered but doesn’t my hair still look great! It’s messy, it’s fun and we love it.

The Disco Flick

Don’t you just love the 1970s – we boogied to disco beats, got inspired by Rocky Balboa “Yo Adrian – I did it!” and dressed up in boho prints. Make up was all about shimmery eyes and gloss smeared lips, and hairdressers brought us “the shag,” and “the wedge.” Autumn 2018 offers you the opportunity to step back in time, but you don’t have to go all out 70s to carry off the look. Choose a wig with layers – think flicks at the end and a longer length fringe.

The Short and Sweet Fringe

This contemporary look suits those who aren’t afraid to try a new trend. A short and sweet fringe can look sassy and ultra-cool, but to those who aren’t in the know it might look like you got a bit too scissor happy and cut your own fringe in the dark (and without a mirror)! Ig you want to be cutting edge this one’s for you – it shouts look at me – I’m right on-trend.

The Wispy Fringe

Not quite as severe as the short and sweet fringe, the wispy fringe provides a softer, more romantic look. Think face-framing layers that delicately surround your forehead and longer, choppier layers around the sides.

Cute Curls

Not that we are inspired by Little Bo-Peep, but ringlets do appear to be making a bit of a comeback. We’re thinking of a more natural curl rather than a tight where’s my sheep look! Your wig should have plenty of natural movement – enjoy bouncing around with those springy, glossy curls!

Have Fun with Your Hair

Wigs provide that fun factor that we are sometimes lacking. We think nothing of updating our look with a new coat, or investing in a new shade of lipstick, but are often more hesitant when it comes to our hair. We say it’s time to put aside those inhibitions, but don’t worry about chopping and colouring, instead step into autumn with a brand-new wig. This is your chance to be a ravishing red-head or rock a short and sassy razor cut.

Showcase your new look for a night, a week or a whole year! When you get bored you can try out something else.

For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewellery. It’s an accessory – Jill Scott – American singer, song-writer, model, poet and actress.