April may be known for its showers, but May is primarily remembered for the widespread fragrance of freshly blossomed flowers. It sweeps right through the living room window and lifts everyone’s moods up. This May breeze creates the perfect ambiance for streaming Netflix and enjoying a high-end, buffer-free entertainment experience with your family for a quality time. In case you’re wondering about what’s coming to the online media giant this month, then stick with me and find out below.

Returning Titles

Unless you happen to catch it on TV or order it on-demand from your respective cable companies, re-watching a favorite classic is quite bothersome. Not with Netflix, though. Because this streaming service offers the best viewing experience anyone could ask for. It’s not for nothing that it has over 158 million subscribers on a worldwide level, overshadowing every other service in the run. This May, you can find the amazing Matrix trilogy (1st) making a comeback to Netflix, along with Snowpiercer (1st), the Austin Powers movies (1st), Scarface (1st), Death House (5th), Insidious (9th), and Moonlight (21st), etc. These titles will be at your disposal to watch and re-watch as many times as you like.

New Arrivals

What about the fresh additions, you ask? The most prominent of these are:

  • Knock Down the House (Release Date: May 1)—Directed by Rachel Lears and starring Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez in the main, this political documentary surrounds the challenging candidateship of four determined women against the powerful Congress politicians in 2018 U.S. election. These women belong to various underrepresented roles, i.e. of a grieving mother, a young bartender, a coal miner’s daughter, and a registered nurse. Go behind the scenes and see how they raise their voices as an insurgent movement.
  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Release Date: May 3)—Directed by Joe Berlinger and starring Zac Efron in the role of the infamous Ted Bundy and Lily Collins as his long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, this remarkable movie takes the viewers on quite a bloody ride. The story is told from the perspective of Elizabeth, beguiled by Bundy, and chronicles the terrible serial murders of one woman after another. It is expected to take the box-office by storm upon arrival. Hang tight in the meanwhile.
  • Flinch (Release Date: May 3)—A reality game show which works on one basic rule, i.e. you flinch, you lose. Watch as rough n tough but foolhardy contestants go through several flinching trials and tests to come out victorious. Root for your favorite ones!
  • Tuca & Bertie (Release Date: May 3)—First-rate adult animation comes back to Netflix in the form of this comedy series, after Bojack Horseman. It is created by Lisa Hanawalt and shows the adventures of two 30-year-old bird women, an anxious songbird and a carefree toucan, who live in the same apartment building and have similar millennial issues. Do check it out.
  • Dead to Me (Release Date: May 3)—Created by Liz Feldman, this dark comedic web series centers on the weird friendship of two polar opposite widows, Jen, who’s a tightly wound, bitter woman searching for her husband’s killer, and Judy, who is more optimistic and free-spirited than Jen, yet hides a terribly odd secret. What will happen as Christina Applegate’s and Linda Cardellini’s powerful characters collide? Find out soon.
  • Lucifer (Release Date: May 8)—Tom Ellis reprises his role as the fallen angel Lucifer in the fourth season of this re-continued supernatural, detective series. After it was canceled by Fox, fans clamored across the world with a #savelucifer and demanded a next season. Well, it’s finally here. Get ready for some new cases while you’re at it!
  • Wine Country (Release Date: May 10)—Amy Poehler’s directorial debut, this movie is a light-hearted SNL reunion and follows the story of a group of longtime friends who get together to celebrate the 50th birthday. As they journey wine-soaked through Napa Valley, things get messier by the minute as questions and confrontations come out. Watch it with your gals and explore your own friendships.
  • The Society (Release Date: May 10)—Imagine waking up one day in your usual wealthy town, but without any parents or children in sight. This is the kind of mysterious oddity which a group of teenagers experience in this drama series, as they try to make their escape from this replica of their home. How long before their sanity breaks and chaos ensues like it did in the Lord of the Flies? You’ll have to watch this Christopher Keyser created a series on Netflix to find out.
  • The Perfection (Release Date: May 24)—This upcoming flick gives a new definition to twisted horror with a hint of drama. It follows the tale of a cello prodigy, played by Allison Williams, as she comes back from a long hiatus only to find her favorite mentors taken up with a new pupil. What will she do? Let’s wait and see.

Though the list of new arrivals is longer than the extent of this post allows. Yet, the aforementioned entries are are absolutely worth waiting for as a new May dawns. So, plan and prepare for an ultimate entertainment experience, courtesy of one and only, Netflix.