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What are the biggest marketing trends in 2017?

During the last ten years, a lot of essential marketing strategies and tools have arisen, and have been growing in popularity ever since. It is a fact that we are living in the era of digital, mobile and social marketing technologies, and these will be relevant for the time that comes. These trends have redefined the marketing field, and will only continue to evolve.

The technology-driven marketing world that we live in today blooms on top of amazing content. Some of the contemporary marketing strategies are simply a step in the natural evolution of existing trends, while others are cutting edge methods that underline the ever-growing capabilities of marketing technology. Here are the best marketing methods you should look out for in 2017.


With online marketing becoming a crowded field, companies are looking for more creative ways to reach their customers, through getting to know what they want and need. The key to their success has been established in getting close and personal with their clients, be it via personalized shopping services or instructional videos. In 2017 this trend is growing even more, especially when it comes to content.

One way that the brands are doing this is by targeting a very particular niche and catering the needs of a very narrowed down demographic. The fact about this method is that it is more about quality than quantity, so a one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided at all cost. Your customers need to feel like they are valuable to you. This is essential for brands that want to gain attention in a crowded market.

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Video and live streaming

Video has been a hot trend for some time now, but in 2017 it’s bursting into flames. It’s a fact that video that is done properly and provides valuable content is particularly engaging and is a great way to generate ROI. Studies have shown that as a format, it is the most consumed, and is the preferred option over text.

Short videos have become a very successful marketing tactic, with companies creating amazing brand videos, video blogs and customer testimonials. However, in 2017, long videos are on the rise, be it in the form of mini-documentary series, or the blooming trend of live streaming, via tools such as Facebook Live, Livestream, Ustream, Twitch, and the likes. This enables marketers to easily live broadcast important events, showcase their products, and provide Q&As. Both short and long video will play a big role in 2017’s marketing.

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Native advertising

Native advertising, which is often labelled as old school, has come back as a very successful way to reach your clients. The contemporary customer base has become more resistant to marketing tricks, so it has become a challenging task to gain their attention and earn their trust. What native advertising does is implement marketing efforts into already existing content, therefore giving it more value to your customers. In other words, you are giving your clients want they want, but in a more subtle manner.

While it may sound simple, the fact is that you need to be creative. If they realize that you’re trying to sneak it past them, they will probably not like it. Your task is to find unique ways to incorporate advertising into the content that your customers are already great fans of. If they love your product, they will buy into it, but make sure that you don’t overdo it.

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Search engine optimization

If you have heard the common misconception that SEO is dead, don’t buy into it. It’s still alive and kicking, and is one of the most dominant digital marketing methods. Even though many articles have prophesied the death of SEO during the years, the only thing that is happening with it is that it’s going through constant changes.

Search Engine Optimization experts emphasize that the only thing that is constant about SEO are the changes that drive the industry forward. Because of the fact that SEO itself is mostly dependent on Google, it has to evolve and adapt with Google’s algorithms in order to stay relevant as a digital marketing strategy.

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Purpose-driven marketing

In 2017, brands are no longer worried about hot-button issues, creating negative publicity for them, but have focused on relating their efforts to the causes that their customer base cares about. The idea of purpose-driven marketing is to sell to your customers based on the ideas and beliefs that your company represents.

This attracts consumers based on the desire to be socially responsible. Companies have realized that this not only boosts brand loyalty, but is also good for increasing their customer base through word of mouth.

What purpose-driven marketing does for the company is that it extends their story. It makes it more than just about advertising and marketing campaigns. It empowers the brand with a human element, and therefore gives its story a longer life and stronger impact.

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With the rise in various marketing trends in 2017, you need to make sure that you are following new practices and not fads. The main purpose is to follow up on the next practices that will help you to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Take these methods into account when formulating your marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Amir Noghani is the general manager at Green SEO Brisbane. After getting a Master’s degree in engineering he started working in the fields of marketing and communications, which was more than seven years ago. During that time he developed rich knowledge in online marketing and Public Relations and also writing journal articles and blogs.