Qualities Present In The Best Expandable Garden Hose

In recent years, use of standard hoses has been replaced by the expandable garden hoses. There are many qualities like light weight nature, ease of use, less storage space and many more due to which these hoses are preferred more by people. In order to find out the best expandable garden hose 2018, you have to consider all the qualities mentioned here. The main feature of expandable hoses is that they can expand up to 3 times its original length when water is passed through it.

Points to consider before purchasing expandable garden hose

  1. Material type: Initially, there were hoses which were made out of materials which had less durability but currently due to advancement in technology, hoses are manufactured using durable material which even prevents leakage. Materials such as latex core are used which is common natural rubber used for making gloves. The latex has stretchy nature which makes it the best material for the expandable hoses. Some other materials used in manufacturing hoses are TPC core and Nylon shell.
  2. Fittings: There are myriad of options of expandable garden hoses 2018 and same is the condition with the fittings. Among various options, some of the options could be aluminum, brass or plastic. Usually, brass is used as fitting material as it is overly durable even when there is constant water exposure. Besides that, brass doesn’t easily rust and the oxide layer which develops due to use over a long period of time is not harmful to the metal.
  3. Size: Hoses are available in different sizes which ranges from 25 foot, 50 foot to 100ft. Depending on the size of their yards, most people prefer long hoses because if the yards are large then there is a need to join more than one hoses. This problem of short hoses is eliminated by use of expandable hoses.

Few important facts

  • You can use garden hoses for various purposes but if you need a hose just to wash your car then you can purchase a short hose. You need to buy an expandable hose only when you need it for gardening or lawn activities as longer hose can hold up more stress and more water.
  • With the increase in the length of hose the risks of puncturing also increase, so this is the reason in most of the models of hoses there are triple layers with nylon shells. You can opt to purchase expandable hoses with a shut off valve if you want to use it as sprinkler.
  • Usually, hoses are left in the lawn or backyard but for storing the expandable hoses you need a storage area which have sufficient airflow that enables the hose to dry fully as it has nylon cloth exterior. Along with that it must be covered for preventing sun damage.
  • In a standard home water pressure, the hoses work effectively. If you have low water pressure, then the hose may not work properly whereas if the pressure is extremely high, then again you have to opt for high-water pressure rated hoses for preventing bursts.


The above discussion on expandable hoses will help you to choose the best expandable garden hose 2018. It can become an ideal tool for gardening if you are involved in lot of lawn or garden watering. Along with that hoses could be even used for washing homes and vehicles. Expandable hoses are very easy to use and most importantly they don’t kink up like the traditional ones. You will find that they are even easy to store and light to carry around if you choose the sturdy, lightweight hose with proper fittings.