Banking and Finance Recruitment

As you may already know, the banking and finance industry is highly competitive at this stage. Therefore, ensuring that your recruitment team finds the best professionals for the job can be the difference in your brand’s success. There are many different banking recruitment agencies in Singapore. However, only a handful of these agencies actually deliver their claims.

In this guide you’ll learn what makes the top banking recruitment agencies in Singapore, and how they can be beneficial to your organization. The first thing you ought to note about the best banking recruitment agencies is their relationship with the banks.

If the agency has minimal to no relationship with the banks, it’s hard to trust their services. Therefore, you need an agency that can guarantee you of an elevated experience of working with the bank.

With that in mind, the following are some of the characteristics of top banking recruitment agencies in Singapore.

#1. Industry Experience / Expertise

The best banking and finance recruitment agency should have in-depth industry experience or expertise. Remember, your staff members won’t stay with your firm forever and the real hassle comes when you want to replace them.

With the help of the best banking and financial recruitment agency, you can fill such positions with the right candidates seamlessly. However, the recruitment agency should guarantee you of industry expertise and experience for the best results possible during the recruitment stage.

#2. The Staff Quality

As the client, you need to consider the internal staff quality of the recruitment agency that you want to work with. It’s so disappointing to walk into a meeting with your prospective recruitment agency only to find a shallow staff.

So, you need to consider the following when assessing the recruitment agency to handle your recruitment process:

  • Turnover – Is the staff new or have they been there for a while? If the staff keeps being changed, then that should raise some concerns.
  • Regional Understanding – The other question that you need to ask yourself is if the recruitment firm has a regional understanding of your brand’s location and other important factors.

#3. Service Satisfaction

When it comes to service satisfaction, you must consider the satisfaction of both the firm’s employees and their clients. Using different means, evaluate the firm’s reviews and their conversations to understand what it’s like working with them and for them.

#4. Post Hiring Responsibilities

The top banking recruitment agencies in Singapore should be willing and ready to check up with your staff immediately after approving their potential to work for you.

These firms should follow up on the staff delivery after they’ve been employed and work closely with their clients to ensure that the people they were advised to hire are actually delivering to their potential.

#5. Expectations of the Clients

Lastly, a good banking and finance recruitment agency in Singapore should be able to understand and meet your expectations as their client. Once the recruitment firm fully understands your needs, then it’s within their perspective to try meeting them in the most efficient way possible.

This is because it’s their role to offer you value in the recruitment process. Therefore, go for the top banking recruitment agencies in Singapore that can assure you of meeting your expectations.