Bangalores Best Restaurants to Taste the Cuisines of the Coast

Seafood has always had been a hot favourite choice of cuisine for many non-vegetarians. From fishes and prawns to crabs and lobster, the varieties are innumerable. Many restaurants in Bangalore serve authentic coastal cuisine to satisfy the seafood cravings of Bengalureans. If you are looking for good restaurants in Bangalore to taste the cuisines of the coast, here are few of the best choices you can consider.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a multi-cuisine restaurant situated in JP Nagar. This is the perfect place to visit with your whole family where you can taste all kinds of seafood delicacies along with drinks.It has a romantic ambience, which is quite appealing.

The whole setup is inspired by African tribal style, which is really unique. To give the setup a real touch, they have used masks, wallhangings, and tribal weaponsin the décor. On the other hand, wooden or bamboo furniture add an extra charm to the whole theme.

This restaurant serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with Chinese soups, appetizers, Indian-style starters and much more. It is known for serving the best quality coastal cuisines.Don’t miss out on trying seafood here. When it comes to alcohol, they serve wide range of alcohol.

Banjara Melting Pot

If you are in a mood to relax completely, then Banjara Melting Pot is the best restaurant to head out to. It is one of the best restaurantsin Bangalore for coastal cuisine. In fact, it is best known for serving delicious seafood in the entire Koramangalaareaof the garden city. They also serve North Indian and Chinese cuisines along with a wide range of desserts.

If you are a drink lover and want something unique, then they have variety of options for you as well. They also serve single malt international wine at reasonable rates. Coastal cuisines prepared by them are so unique and tasty that foodies travel from far and wide in order to taste these dishes.

Mahesh Lunch Home

Mahesh Lunch Home is one of the heritage restaurants of Bangalore where you can get authentic coastal cuisines. It is located at Residency Road and offers a pleasant feel in terms of its setup. It is so spacious that it can easily accommodate crowds for family gatherings and corporate lunches at a single time.

This restaurant serves a wide range of seafood delicacies, which includes Mangalorean seafood along with fish dishes from the western coast of India. Some of the famous coastal delicaciesoffered by them are solkadi, prawn gassi, Mangalore fish curry and Vijayawada fish curry. Visit this place if you want to relish amazing coastal delicacies.

Spice Terrace – JW Marriott

Spice Terrace isanother great restaurant in Bangalore you should go to if you love coastal delicacies.The entire setup is really beautiful with poolside dining area along with dim lights.

If you want luxury dining,you canfulfil your desire here. The ambience is really soothing, while the wooden decoration right from the floor to wind barriers add an extra charm to the beauty of the restaurant.

They serve several popular varieties from the North Indian and Awadhi cuisines such as Salim Raan, Zaffran Murgh Biryani, Falooda Kulfi and much more. They also serve a variety of sea foods and are specialist in fish dishes too.

If you are craving for scrumptious coastal cuisine, head out to any of these restaurants for a satisfying meal.