Search Engine Optimization

In the all-digital world of the twenty-first century, nothing can guide you better than Google and other search engines. Almost 99% population completely rely on the results of search engines to get single information about anything of this world and beyond. But to see your page in the topmost position of the search results, it needs to be optimized perfectly. The SEO optimization needs to be so perfect that Google not only understands the subject matter of your page but also realizes that it deserves to be on the front position of the search results.

In this article, we are going to enlist various important aspects of Search Engine which one should keep in mind for optimizing a page perfectly to grab the desired position in search results:

#1. Give keywords enough importance:

All the top SEO experts like SEO Companies in Dallasgive first priority to the perfect placement of targeted keyword in any content. So, it has to appear once within the first hundred words, which makes Google understand the actual relevance of your page. Apart from that, try to place the closer keyword on the title tag to gain some extra weight with search engines. You can also include your targeted keyword in a subheading and wrap it in <h2> tag. Also, research thoroughly and make a whole list of your targeted keywords.

In this crowdy digital marketplace, keywords are a very important tram card for creating a first appearing website.

#2. Understand your user’s search intent:

Google’s entire business model is formulated to rely on the best serving search results in the top spot. If your content is unable to present what the searchers are looking for, then it’s going to be hard for you to remain constant in this modern track of on-page SEO. Understanding the user’s intent is very important, and the perfect implementation of it in your SEO strategy to satisfy your customer’s need. It lets the pages rank higher than before. So, you have to understand the search intent of your targeted user clearly. You can start with Google by entering the search terms or keywords that your audience would be searching. Based on this, afterwards, your page will be identified easily in the search results. Your content needs to be crafted in accordance with user intent for being preferred by Google.

#3. Craft mobile-friendly website:

Many recent graphs of search engine show that mobile traffic visits a lot more than desktops to browse the internet. And it becomes necessary to meet this growing number of consumers and their expanding needs. It is also evident that from the year 2015, Google has been reprimanded the sites which are not mobile-friendly. So, mobile-optimized sites are now a must. So, the mobile responsive design is a very important aspect of a modern SEO strategy because it also contributes to building the best user experience.

#4. Post longer content which tends to rank higher:

Length is strength. Surveys show that longer content apparently gains better rank. So, you should try to publish a minimum of 1900 words for every post. And it will prevent your visitors from pressing back button if they once land on your page. The trick for increasing the average dwell time is to write longer content with engaging language,which will make your audience to stay longer.

Wrapping up:

Presenting a good keyword based long engaging content with adequate pictures and videos on your page is the main aspect to gain a better place in search engine results.