Technology to use for a Smarter Workplace

The world is changing into a smarter place to live in. No doubt, office places will follow suit, changing the workplace into a smarter place to bring out the best potential in the employees. Technology is wrecking havoc with its day-to-day inventions and innovations, creating new gadgets and gizmos to simplify lives. Mere satisfaction is not the keyword. Boosting the latent potential in employees and spiraling production into greatest height seem to be the aim of the bosses. Here we have listed 7 pieces of technology to transform the office place into a smarter work hub.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With a surge in AI industry, it seems that AI is about to come out of the laboratory and step into the industrial workplace. You can hand over repetitive cumbersome auxiliary tasks to the AI programs while you can concentrate on your core task points. AI has been predicted to reduce the workload on human employees and cut down on the budget/time factor. As a whole, AI will work as personal assistants for the employees, managing their schedules, meetings, managing work calendar, helping research activities etc while the employees can rest on recliner chairs.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Previously real-time collaboration was limited to online document editors like Microsoft Office 365. But gradually it has found several other applications. Screen sharing allows multiple users to work on a project at the same time and edit their respective works in real time. The recently developed VR and AR technology has provided momentum to this venture. Evidently, the workplace will not be delimited by a closed cubicle in the near future, but a collaboration of company employees, regardless of location or physical proximity.

3. Real-Time Communication

Email revolutionized the model of office communication. However, with the passage of time, it is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Email may still be the prime means of communication but nowadays several comm packages are popping up featuring integrated video chat, image sharing, voice calls and text messaging, in a single platform. This is bound to increase production, (both human and non-human resources). With VR and AI tech incorporated into office connections, future mode of communication will evolve beyond simple interaction into real-time collaboration.

4. 3D Printing

3D printing technology is still somewhat in its latent stage. But it has been predicted to take the work industry by storm. For years it has been a thing of the research and had lab applications only. But now, employees and workers can try their innovative handiwork using a 3D printer. It is still limited by practical usage in prototyping only but it can very soon become the real deal in actual production. Albeit a new and somewhat risky venture, 3D printing is designated to become a game-changer in the realms of efficiency and productivity.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is said to be said to be the next big wave in the IT business. The interconnection of all the smart gadgets in our vicinity seems to be an undeniable part of the office as well as personal life. From your personal computer to your iPhone, everything needs to be ready at the go. If the gadgets can anticipate our needs and make themselves instantly ready for future needs like a personal assistant and save our precious time in a busy schedule- just how sweeter will life be!?

6. Cloud Computing

The biggest thing on par with the IOT today is Cloud computing. An entire office can be run online without the need for any external storage hardware or cumbersome servers. A business can grow to humungous scale on basis of cloud computing alone, without the need of any physical relocation or further manpower recruitment for a new location. Workers can access work from anywhere, communication becomes easy and productivity grows.

7. VR/AR

This is the age of virtual and augmented reality. The scope of its practical/industrial application is virtually limitless; ranging from designing to programming, medicine to biotechnology- every solution is (virtually) possible with an optical projection. Tech mammoths like Facebook, Microsoft have been aggressive in the development of this field.