Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Head to Krabi

There are few places that you visit once and don’t feel like going back, then there are some that you feel like going back again and again. The coastal province of Krabi in Thailand is one such place. Located at the southern end of Thailand on the Andaman Sea, Krabi is a tropic paradise. Its spectacular natural scenery, beautiful white sand beaches, and majestic limestone cliffs are a treat to the eyes. A holiday in Krabi is best enjoyed when you do not have to move around in search of accommodation and transportation. Krabi tour packages take care of all the travel needs and ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. If you are yet to visit Krabi, we give you five reasons why you should pack your bags and catch the next flight to Krabi.

Stunning Sunsets

The Andaman Coast of Thailand stretching for miles make for a perfect setting for stunning sunsets. Witness how the colour of the sky changes from blue to orange as the sun sets, and later turns dark. The beach in Koh Klang, the closest island to Krabi’s mainland, is one of the best places to witness sunset in Krabi along with Ao Nang beach. Just sit by the beach and enjoy the vibrant oranges and yellows paint the horizon.

Sandy Beaches

The vast and spectacular coastline of the Krabi Province translates into numerous splendid beaches. Although most of the beaches are crowded with long-tail boats lined to ferry tourists and colourful ribbons fluttering in the wind, you can find quiet—even deserted—beaches. Also, whether you desire picturesque views while you lounge by the beach or want to participate in water activities, you can find the beach of your choice in Krabi.

Adventure Sports

Amidst the beautiful landscapes, there are adventure activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and canoeing for amusement and enjoyment. If you are looking for breathtaking and adrenaline pumping activities, participate in diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting.

Delectable Food

Thailand is popular for delicious cuisines. You get delectable, fresh, and inexpensive sea food to satiate your hunger. Mud crabs, chewy clams, and Krabi’s characteristic – Hoi Chak Teen are must-haves. Despite being a coastal province, Krabi also serves tasty vegetarian food, one of which happens to be Thai pancakes or roti pancakes. It is fried in margarine and covered with condensed milk and sugar. It tastes splendid and you may not stop at eating just one. Another must-have is the Thai iced tea, a popular beverage that you can consume with about everything. Whether you eat at roadside stalls or in a beachfront restaurant, you can be assured of hygiene, taste, and quality of the food.

154 Islands

Last but not the least, the Krabi Province has as many as 154 Islands to keep the tourists interested and hopping. Traditional longtail boats, speed boats, and cruises make it easy to travel between the numerous gorgeous islands. The inviting clear waters, beautiful shores, towering cliffs, and still lagoons form the backbone of 154 picturesque islands.

All Set for a Krabi Tour

Krabi is a haven for travellers. The 154 islands have so much to offer to satisfy the traveller in you. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline pumping, adventure holiday or a place to relax in the lap of nature, Krabi Province is a must visit. To enjoy your time in Krabi, book accommodation and travel in advance. The best thing to do would be to book a tour package that takes care of all your travel needs. Several leading tour companies across India are offering reasonably priced Krabi tour packages that will surely give you a lifetime experience.