Summer fashion

It doesn’t really feel like summer until you reorganize your wardrobe, set aside the thick winter clothes, and make room for the flowy summer clothes. With each new season, you have to consider what old clothes are still in style and still represent you, but also what new clothes you need in order to keep up with the trends. Well, in case you missed the latest fashion shows, you needn’t worry, as we have a list of essential fashion items that will help you create perfect summer outfits.

1. Flowy maxi dresses

Every woman must own at least one summer maxi dress, as it can get you out of so many stressful situations. It is the perfect choice for a day at the beach, but with the right accessories, it can also turn into a fabulous cocktail outfit. Moreover, maxi dresses are comfortable to wear and easy to accessorize, and they can save your life in those wacky moments when you don’t have time to compose a complex outfit. For quality and stylish maxi dresses, check out the Veronica M website. There you will find a wide collection of maxi dresses, suitable for any body type. Choose a ruffled off-the shoulder dress for a date or opt for a strapless drop waist dress for a day at the beach. The great thing about Veronica M is that the dresses are made of quality materials, they are affordable, and they have flattering cuts that look good on any body type.

2. An oversized dress

Oversized dresses are very popular this season. Whether we are talking about a minimalistic cut, or a classic nightgown cut, an oversized dress is a statement piece that will help you stand out in a crowd. As far as prints go, you can’t go wrong with flowers, especially if they are in micro patterns which are very hot this season. Unicolors are also a good choice, especially if you opt for a bold color like emerald green or canary yellow. When wearing a unicolor dress, try to avoid wearing other fashion pieces in contrasting colors, to avoid the color-block effect which isn’t really in style anymore. Instead opt for the same color as the dress or a complementing color that doesn’t really stand out.

3. Stripes

We can’t really remember the last summer when stripes weren’t fashionable. In fact, stripes and summer go hand in hand, but this season the designers went crazy with the stripe prints. From classic navy prints to vertical candy stripe prints, there wasn’t a single designer collection that didn’t feature prints. As far as colors go, everything is acceptable, although pink, emerald and tomato red prints seem to be slightly more popular this year.

4. Nature inspired purses

Say goodbye to leather and textile purses, and embrace the latest trends featuring natural elements such as rope and wood. From wicker handbags, to braided or wowed bags, and even purses with braided beads, everything about the summer purses feels natural and joyful. As far as shapes go, half-moons, baskets and totes are the best choices for summer. For affordable yet stylish handbags, check out the latest Zara collection.

5. Crochets

Crochets have been trying to make a comeback for many years now, but it never really felt right, until now. Not only are crochet swimsuits back in style, but this summer, you can feel free to go crazy with crochet fashion. From oversized crochet dresses, to crochet purses, skirts and crop tops, there seems to be no limit to how much crochet you can wear in a single outfit. We are sure that you still have some crochet items in your wardrobe, but if you don’t, you needn’t worry, as the shops will be full of such pieces. As far as colors go, rainbow pallets are your best option.

6. Plastic and rubber

This trend will not feel comfortable in the summer heat, but we really can’t ignore the designers. The latest collections featured an obnoxious amount of plastic and rubber items. From raincoats, to dresses and skirts, anything that is either rubber or plastic is considered hot this season. Opt for transparencies for a minimalist and sensual vibe.