6 Best Websites to Play Rummy

With the advent of online casino websites, Rummy has become one of the most popular card game among the players worldwide. The competition between these game portals is immense and it’s difficult to choose which one offers the best and a secure gameplay. So, here we have rounded up some of the best rummy portals where you can enjoy your favourite game without any hassles and security threat.


rummy-bonusAce2three was the first ever website to introduce online real cash money in India. It is the most popular website among people till date.

It is a 2D game with an engaging feature of real-time chat sessions among the players on the table. bThere are three variants of Rummy offered to players on this portal i.e., Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Best of three. The Players can avail some extra time to play by clicking on the extra button. The only negative thing noticed in the game is that if one player declares his meld before you then you don’t have enough time to arrange your cards into the right groups.

An attractive 100% signup bonus of up to 1500Rs 200Rs is awarded to every new user who makes his first purchase. Referral bonus of 1000Rs is also given to the user for inviting friends to signup and play on ace2three. Players are also eligible to earn the weekly bonus by engaging regularly in the game.

One rupee is equivalent to one chip. So if you buy 500 chips to play you will have to spend 500Rs. The minimum purchase limit of chips in a day chips is restricted to 50 while maximum limit is 5000 per day, 10,000 per week, and 25,000 per month. The payments options on the portal are completely safe and the user can make a purchase through a debit card, credit card, internet banking or online payment wallets.

Along with the online rummy tables, this website holds online Rummy tournaments as well from time to time.

Junglee Rummy

Junglee RummyAnother multiplayer real money Rummy game portal is Junglee Rummy. This website has 2D as well as 3D tables, the first time a 3D view of a table was introduced.

Four variants of online rummy are available here i.e. Points rummy, Deal rummy, Pool rummy, 21 rummy. It gives a welcome bonus to its new users up to an amount of 1500Rs.

Tournaments are held and there’s free entry for the players to each of them to win real cash price in the end. Junglee Rummy charges a very nominal service fee in addition to offering quickest withdrawals of their money.


gamentioGamentio, India’s first ever 3D online social casino was launched this year. It is a non-gambling website where users can play Rummy for free for ‘no investment’ whatsoever. A great platform for players who want to play the game just for the love of the game and not for money. Hence, there’s no real money involvement on Gamentio.

Gamentio is an amazing platform to play Rummy in a 3D public or private rooms, wherein you can select and customize your cool avatar.

On every signup, players are allotted free 180,000 chips and 200 points on the website to play the game while the same amount of chips along with 500 points are allotted when they sign up on the gamentio app available on Play store and the App store respectively.

Three games are available on Gamentio i.e. Rummy, Teen Patti, and Texas Holdem Poker. That’s a treat for all the Indian players since these are the most popular card games played in the Indian Subcontinent.

The most exciting feature of Gamentio is that it lets players play the games without any real money investment and offers them gift vouchers, of Amazon and Mygyftr, in exchange for the points they earn on Gamentio.

The points can be earn points and chips by playing, sharing and inviting, such as:

    1. 20 points and 18,000 Chips on each share on facebook
    2. 500 points and 50,000 chips on inviting each friend
    3. 4-50 gameplay points on winning each hand

Indian Rummy – Octro Inc.

indian rummyIndian Rummy is a product of Octro Inc., an Indian Company. Octro has grown to immense popularity among Indian players owing to its widespread reach on iPhone, Android, Windows and especially on Facebook. Here are some attractive features of Indian Rummy developed by Octro:

    • Variants- 101 rummy, 201 rummy
    • Tournaments
    • Earn free chips by inviting friends from Facebook and Whatsapp
    • Unlimited chips when players avail subscription
    • Extra chips awarded to players if they choose to watch video on how to play Indian Rummy
    • Play with any player around the world
    • Available on Play store, App store, Facebook and Windows store
    • Octro also offers Teen Patti, Poker, Tambola and Carrom on its website.


rummy circleJust like other online Rummy websites, Rummycircle provides a welcome bonus up to 1000Rs whenever money is added on every new signup. The players can enjoy up to two variants of Rummy over here, i.e. Points rummy and Pool rummy. There are multiple payment options available on the portal to add money to your account.

The players who regularly visit the website and play are rewarded loyalty bonus and redeemable reward points.

Tournaments are held on weekends and Fridays and cash prizes are awarded to the winner.

Classic Rummy

classic rummyClassic Rummy is India’s multilingual Rummy website as claimed by its owners. It offers services in three languages i.e. Hindi, English and Telugu thus catering more masses.

Few features of the game are :

    1. Chat sessions, buttons to discard the cards
    2. Table top view and a private room
    3. Dragging the card is not optimum, no sort button in the initial stage
    4. Players can arrange the cards in 2-3-4 or 7-7-7 format
    5. New players- 100% bonus up to 500Rs for first two deposits, instant cashback of 100Rs if deposit is greater than 1000Rs.
    6. Variants- pool, deal, points
    7. Tournaments- Jumbo Premium and Classic Tourney
    8. Classic tourney- it is a 3 level tournament- join level 1 for free and win tickets to level 2 and 3. A single player wins the prize money. Festival based tournaments are especially held on Classic Rummy in which players indulge a lot.
    9. Min deposit amount in the account to play is of 25Rs and the maximum amount that can be deposited in a day is 20,000Rs
    10. Withdrawals are super easy in the game with a minimum withdrawal of 200₹ and maximum withdrawal of 10,000Rs.
    11. Support helpline is open 24*7 to assist the players in any kind of issue faced by them while playing.

So this is the consolidated list of the most popular websites which hosts online Rummy game be it a real money one or the virtual one. Now you can play Rummy from the comforts of your home while socializing with people around the world. New friends, new experience but what remains the same is your old favourite game, isn’t it a great idea for the coming weekend ?

Happy Gaming!

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